Kiabi Parquesur - Madrid

“A more visual and dynamic shopping experience.” This was the challenge that Kiabi posed to Necsum for the design of a digital facade for its new store at Madrid’s Parquesur mall (one of Spain’s busiest).

The technological and artistic solution devised by Necsum is based, on the one hand, on two LED screens integrated into the store’s main entrances; and, secondly, a large, semi-transparent LED screen that allows one to see inside the establishment and covers the entire store window adjacent to one of the facility’s entrances.

In addition to the technological solution of LED screens, Necsum developed an artistic and digital design reproduced on each of these screens. The designs prompt the user to stop and observe the explosion of colour and creativity projected on them.

The entire audiovisual installation is conceived as an extension of the store, furnishing it with a visual, dynamic and artistic attraction for visitors to the Parquesur mall.

Kiabi and Necsum worked closely together to create the overall conceptual approach, giving the brand an innovative and revolutionary twist and enabling it to make a quantum leap forwards towards an increasingly necessary technological presence, enveloping customers in an experience that blends realism and audiovisual fantasy.

Thanks to this technological feature, the customer no longer steps into a conventional store, but rather plunges into the “Kiabi universe.”

Kiabi Parquesur
Kiabi Parquesur
Kiabi Parquesur
Kiabi Parquesur

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