The new Torrecárdenas shopping centre is home to a technological masterwork of the latest generation. An interactive experience located at one of the main entrances welcomes visitors as they become participants in a wonderful experience.

Necsum Technology for Emotion was chosen to design and execute this exclusive digital architecture project where technology is completely integrated and blended into the rest of the facade.

The digital content that is the theme of every experience becomes especially significant as it gives life to the digital architecture. With references to numerous works of the seventh art shot in Almería; acting, 3D animation, digital art, augmented reality and interactivity are brought together in a way that keeps the audience spellbound at every moment.

However, not all the technological surprises are on the outside. There are interactive digital spaces throughout the shopping centre that make every user feel like a real movie star. There are fun experiences designed to stir emotions and create new kinds of entertainment where visitors take centre stage.


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