Luz Shopping Centre

Inspired by the popular Spanish Christmas carol “Navidad, dulce Navidad” (“Christmas, Sweet Christmas”) the Luz Shopping mall in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) turned its main facade into a spectacular display of sound and digital animation, much to the delight of children.

Necsum’s aim was to transform a completely static structural element into a digital space that would come to life, immersing visitors in a Christmas story.

The story on this digital facade begins when the Christmas candies are swept off by a stiff polar wind, leaving all the world’s children without. But where did they go? The Magi, entering the city of Jerez de la Frontera, had an important mission: to find the whereabouts of the sweets, retrieve them, and give them away to children around the world, as they do every year, to make Christmas once again as sweet as the song says …

With over 60,000 lumens, 6,000 W of sound and total automation, Necsum created this magical world, in which it fused animation and 3D videomapping. A draw for all the mall’s customers, allowing them to enjoy a unique experience along with their children.

Luz shopping
Luz shopping
Luz shopping
Luz shopping

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