El Faro (The Lighthouse) Mall

The trademark symbol of the El Faro (The Lighthouse) mall, a pre-existing concrete tower, was transformed into a lighthouse shaped pole-style sign mimicking the one for which the facility is named.

The master stroke of this project was the subtlety with which artistic lighting was added to an object that was already a recognised icon. It was decided to accent the helical morphology of the sign with subtly sweeping lights, following and enhancing its twisting effect.

These effects, in turn, interact with the other two static elements: luminous lines at the top of the tower underscore its evocation of a lighthouse, and, through interior projection, make it possible to admire its original core, only visible at night.

The result is a hypnotic effect of lines of light that illuminate the surface of the sign from its base to its tip. Their dynamism seems to stretch the tower, visually enhancing the sensation of height it projects, and spotlight with subtle dynamism its outer surface of perforated sheet metal, which is superimposed like a luminous, translucent cloak over its historic core, which is always lit.

Centro comercial El Faro
Centro comercial El Faro
Centro comercial El Faro

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